Basic Keelboat & Basic Confidence Cruising Sailing Course – ASA 101 & 103

ASA 101-103

Basic Keelboat, Basic Coastal Cruising

$945 pp

Leaves from Marina del Rey

Approximately 35 – 40 hours of course time

Learn to sail in a safe and supportive environment under the expert tutelage of our experienced instructors. Students acquire all the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to sail a modern, mid-sized cruising yachts. Includes American Sailing Association (ASA) certification for successful students and the ability for you to charter sailboats for day sails.


Gain ASA Certification for Chartering and Day Sails


  • Learn to skipper and sail a 34-38-foot yacht with a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed, ASA Certified Instructor. There are 3 to 6 students per class.

  • Earn 2 ASA Certifications: Basic Keelboat Sailing and Basic Coastal Cruising

  • Learn on the boats you will be qualified to charter when you successfully complete the course! Enjoy our privately-owned, cruise and race-equipped meticulously maintained boats from the start.

  • Acquire confidence through our 100% hands-on training program. You will be at the helm, and handling sails, lines, and winches on your very first lesson.

  • Each day is a new adventure, providing new scenery, wildlife and sightseeing as you sail out of Marina del Rey into the Pacific Ocean to Santa Monica, Malibu and Redondo Beach. We return to the harbor every night.

  • Our exclusive confidence sailing course consists of five modules, each one full day on the water from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., for a total of 35-40 hours.

Our Classes Can Fit Your Busy Schedule

Choose Between

Saturday and Sunday for 2 ½ weeks or

5 Consecutive Weekdays

Prior to 5-day Confidence Sailing Course (ASA 101-103)


Please purchase and read the books Sailing Made Easy and Coasting Cruising Made Easy both by The American Sailing Association (ASA). Also, please review the general information and rules for classes.


 Course Syllabus

DAY 1 – The hull, rigging and sails and their mechanical systems. Maneuvering the boat with the diesel engine. All about knots, the mainsail system and sailing through all points of sail. Introduction to tacking and jibing.

DAY 2 – More knots, US Coast Guard required equipment, how to use the VHF radio. The furling headsail system, sailing a compass course, more tacking and jibing, the right of way rules, all about your diesel engine and electrical systems (both 110v & 12v). The thru-hull valves and seacocks, propane stove and the head and bilge systems. 

DAY 3 – An introduction into heavy weather sailing, reefing the main and roller furling jib, changing headsails. Basic navigation, charts, navigational aids, basic tools, plotting your position, dead reckoning, determining course and distance, weather and sources of information.  Local hazards, man overboard procedures, using the autopilot, advanced sail trim. 

DAY 4 – all about anchoring, where and how to anchor, what is a lee shore, chafe, using the windlass, anchoring bow & stern.  Motor-sailing, operating/towing your dinghy and outboard, electronic navigation, using the radar and GPS. What is velocity made good, or course made good, understanding the depth sounder, wind indicator, and using the autopilot.

DAY 5 – Take the A.S.A. written tests in the morning. Prove your sailing skills in the afternoon with a graduation sail.