Live The Dream with Blue Pacific Yachting

Whether you sail to relax, expand your knowledge or to experience the earth’s wonders, every moment on the water is a celebration of life. Blue Pacific Yachting invites you to celebrate with us as we travel to some of the world’s most amazing sailing locations. Together, we will Live The Dream!

Chesapeake Bay and Annapolis Boat Show

This is almost too amazing to believe.  Two days at the Annapolis Sailboat Show then five days cruising the Chesapeake Bay, sleeping in a different harbor every night. Speaking of sleeping, how about (onboard) lodging for about $100 per person, per night. Take a look at hotel prices in Annapolis during the boat show to see how they compare, that’s if you can find a hotel. It all takes place Columbus Day week so there’s no time to waste. Get your reservation TODAY!

Here’s how the itinerary might look.

Friday, October 5th – We’ll board our boat(s) in beautiful Rock Hall, MD, known as the Pearl of the Chesapeake. Pearls come from oysters and the tasty molluscs are just one of the local delicacies we will enjoy on the first night of our Chesapeake adventure.

Saturday, October 6th – Sail to Annapolis Through absolutely no coincidence, the United States Sailboat Show takes over the capitol city’s waterfront during our visit to the Chesapeake Bay. You can sit on, inspect and just plan ogle nearly every production sailboat on the market today, all in one place and in the water. We’ll have dinner in Annapolis and sleep at anchor.

Sunday, October 7th – Just in case you made an appointment to finalize your boat purchase contract or if you didn’t see every piece of gear in the tents, we’ll stay in town until the whole crew has had its fill of the show. Sunday is known as the day when serious buyers attend the show so if you want some attention from a salesman, today’s the day to get it. When everyone has seen and done everything the show has to offer, we’ll hoist anchor and go someplace else. Or…maybe we’ll stay another night.

Monday, October 8th – Are you starting to get the picture about the itinerary? Hint: there is no itinerary. The group will decide when and where we stay or go. We need to put someplace into every day on this list, so what follows will be what we will refer to as examples of where we might go.

This is Columbus Day so let’s sail to honor the great explorer. Depending on winds, five or six hours under sail will get us to Tilghman Island. The island hosts a small, waterfront community with less than 1,000 permanent residents. You can also see the world’s only commercial skipjack fleet tied up to the quay, that is unless they’re out fishing for oysters.

Tuesday, October 9th – We could cross the bay again and land at Solomon’s Island where our Los Angeles crew could visit a winery, a maritime museum or both. Alternatively, we might do a short sail to the quaint, sleepy town of Oxford.

Wednesday, October 10th – The opposite of what we did on Tuesday…or something else.

Thursday, October 11th – Start heading up the Bay. We could stop in St. Michaels, Worton Creek or head back to Annapolis…the town gets under your skin.

Friday, October 12th – Make our way to Rock Hall, MD. If we fell in love with our dinner restaurant from Friday night, we could go back there. Or maybe, we’ll be ready for something new.

Local sailors call Annapolis the sailing capitol of the U. S., the east coast and the world. Other big sailing towns lay claim to all three titles. It won’t really matter. When you get there, you’ll know you’re somewhere close to sailing paradise.

That’s because the Chesapeake Bay offers sailors such a diverse selection of fascinating, close-proximity sailing destinations. Every time you drop anchor, you’re welcomed to a new world that’s ripe for exploration.

Live The Dream with Blue Pacific Yachting on the Chesapeake Bay and you’ll get to plan our next sailing adventure. All we need is water, sailboats and a little imagination. That gives us a whole lot of world to explore.

                                                            Member                     Non-member

Double Cabin                                        $1895                         $2195

Double Berth (fold down dinette)       $1495                         $1795

$1,000 deposit required to reserve space. Balance due September 15, 2018.

Prices cover your berth, boat fees, taxes, etc. and an experienced guide. The berth fee does not cover airfare and travel expenses. Other expenses such as provisions and mooring fees will be split between participants on-site.

Reservations by phone only: 310 305 SAIL (7245)